WINLEY Continental


WINLEY Continental

The Winley Continental is the philanthropic charity arm of WINLEY that aims to promote the organization’s commitment to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and families in communities  that WINLEY Continental serves.

Winley Continental plans

In order to achieve these goals, the WINLEY Continental to make targeted grants to charities working within its specific areas of interest as follows:

·         Primary medical care and research that improve the delivery of primary care – WINLEY Continental is in the process of planning, initiating and managing the procurements of various medical devices and appliances for further distribution to its affiliated foundations and organisations engaged in providing free basic primary health care.


·         Winley Continental is further planning to develop and operate free health clinics and mobile clinics in various planned locations.  The clinics aim to provide basic primary health care, preventive medical care and public health education to patients. The clinics will also be committed to provide community health care education and hands on training to the medical students and residents. The primary care services will include medical checkup, laboratory work up and free medications. These services will be provided without regard to nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender or race of the patient.

The above-mentioned medical devices and appliances will cover such key areas like:

I. Means of first aid and emergency

II. Medical techniques, surgical instruments,

III. Nursing- and therapeutic devices

IV. Hygiene and lustration

V. Lab techniques


·         Winley Continental is working simultaneously on the program Affiliated Giving Campaign to donate generously each year to nonprofit organizations working within its specific areas of interests across targeted geographies.